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Experienced Full Stack developer - join our talented and diverse developer community to work with impactful projects.

We are looking for experienced Full Stack developers to work with us in Helsinki, Lahti, Tampere, Turku, or Oulu, as well as in our light offices (Jyväskylä, Pori, Kuopio, Joensuu), and in some cases completely remotely in other locations within Finland. What is it that we’re looking for now? Passionate people who want to work in meaningful projects and help others around them shine!

We are developing solutions for both private and public sector customers. We don’t have customers from any specific business area, as we concentrate on having varied projects that are meaningful. This can mean that we have an impact on how we help users find more convenient routes, we get to use the newest technologies or we handle a global pandemic. Solita’s projects are a combination of dev, data, cloud, and service design. The diversity of our projects also gives opportunities for continuous learning and rotation.

We’re not unicorns here – just ordinary people. However, those ordinary people make one big unicorn in the form of a team. We don’t put emphasis on individual performances as it’s all about teamwork and helping each other out. Our staffing works in a very human way, finding the best persons for the right project and making sure it’s a two-way match.

We offer for you
  • Possibility to grow and widen your knowledge in new areas that are interesting for you. Many of our Developers are interested in working for example with cloud technologies.
  • If you want, you can do many other things too besides coding. Depending on your interest, you can contribute for example to our culture in various ways, participate in job interviews or recruitment marketing, become an expert on a specific topic, act as a people person etc. – whatever interests you the most
  • You have an effect on the technologies and methodologies we use in projects.
  • Human-centric work environment where people take care of each other.
  • We want to ensure you have a good balance between work and free time. That’s what our employees see as one of the biggest benefits at Solita.
  • Great benefits – such as choosing your own devices (you can freely choose PC laptop with Windows/Linux or Apple laptop, and the phone you like), massages to relax during your workdays, In-house coach to support your mental well-being, many hobby clubs, gyms (Hki and Tre), sports / culture and lunch benefit, extensive occupational healthcare and many more!
These qualities help you to succeed in this position
  • You are a TypeScript expert or you want to become one. For example strong experience on other backend technologies helps
  • You have experience in Express or some other similar framework.
  • You have worked with databases (relational database, MySQL, DynamoDB).
  • You are experienced with some Front-End technologies for example React.js
  • You might have some experience in cloud services, information security, or CI/CD.
For us, the most important thing above any specific technologies is that you have good software development practices, and that you are willing to learn new. The potential for growth and learning is the core of our recruitment.

Js In His Current Project, Had To Say

This is what one of our Senior Software Developers Heikki – who works with Node.

“I’ve worked at Solita for five years now. During that time I’ve worked with two different clients, in various projects. The work that we do is so versatile that it allows constant learning no matter how senior you already are. The project team has a big impact on what technologies we use in different situations. During my time at Solita, I have deepened my knowledge for example with Java, Clojure, Typescript / Node.js

What’s the best thing about working at Solita for me? I would say it’s learning from others, and getting to do very diverse tasks, such as coding, job interviews, participating in book clubs / study groups etc.- whatever interests me the most!”

Would you like to discuss this opportunity a bit more and get to know each other? Leave your details below and we’ll be in contact!

For more information about our dev-culture, you can also reach our Development Talent Acquisition Owner – Mirka:

[email protected]

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Deadline: 19-01-2024

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