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Kyky Today Oy is a Finnish start-up revolutionizing the freelancing and small business industry with a marketplace akin to Airbnb. Immediate booking, no quotations, reviews and live calendar.

As part of the Kiuas accelerator’s winning team of 2020, Kyky Today Oy is committed to fostering innovation and providing opportunities for aspiring professionals in the Nordics.

Job Description

Kyky Today Oy is seeking a talented, creative and motivated Graphic Designer Intern to join our small yet powerful team.

As a Graphic Designer Intern, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute to the development of our platforms while gaining hands-on experience in a startup environment. This internship is specifically designed for students who are in the final stages of their studies, residing in Finland who need a minimu of four months internship to finalize their studies.


  • Graphic Design: Create visually appealing and cohesive designs for our online platform, marketing materials, and social media channels.
  • Brand Development: Work closely with the marketing team to ensure consistent branding across various touchpoints.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand design requirements and contribute creative ideas to enhance user experience.
  • Content Creation: Generate engaging visual content for promotional activities, blog posts, and other communication channels.
  • Adaptability: Be adaptable to feedback and iterate on designs to meet evolving project needs.
  • Networking: Utilize the internship period to expand your professional network by connecting with startups in the Nordics through Kyky’s extensive network.
  • Learning Opportunities: Take advantage of mentorship opportunities and workshops provided by Kyky Today Oy to enhance your skills and knowledge in the startup ecosystem.


  • Student Status: Currently enrolled in a graphic design or related program, and in the final stages of studies in Finland.
  • Creative Portfolio: A portfolio showcasing your graphic design skills and previous projects.
  • Software Proficiency: Proficient in graphic design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Canva.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills and the ability to articulate and present design concepts.
  • Initiative: Proactive and self-motivated with a strong desire to learn and contribute to a growing startup.

How To Apply

If you are an ambitious and creative student ready to embark on an exciting journey with Kyky Today Oy, please submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio on The Hub.

Note: This is an unpaid internship, but Kyky Today Oy is committed to supporting interns in finding paid opportunities and connecting them to a vast network of startups in the Nordics.

For more information or questions please contact us at board@kyky.today
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Deadline: 09-04-2024

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