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Update day: 14-02-2024

Location: Tampere Pirkanmaa

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Job type: Full-time

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Vaisto Solutions aims to continue being a forerunner in our business. The fusion of our highly competent team, smart machines, and intelligent methods heighten the development of superior products and experiences for our clients. The most we value our employees – make no mistake, our goal is to be one of the best in the realm of Deep Tech. For more information, check

Are you interested in developing software that enables autonomous control for industrial machines? Or bringing alive cognitive and collaborating robots? If you want to see what we really do, go check our ML blog

We are looking for team members that are required to be creative in solving problems, excited to work in new technology areas. You will be a core team member whose technical depth and breadth span over all aspects of machine learning software development for environmental sensing, and natural language processing.


  • Architect and develop solutions using Machine Learning and other advanced technologies to solve a variety of business problems
  • Work closely with counterparts in other disciplines as part of a cross-functional team, and nurture this culture in your team
  • Embrace raw data and develop data modelling pipelines using Python or C++. You will be selecting optimal feature vectors for models.
  • You work with simulation based C/C++ code generation
  • Provide technical guidance in a number of aspects of data science and engineering including: hypothesis testing, analysis, modelling, and production deployment.
  • Think creatively and propose new directions and questions to pursue


  • 3+ years of experience as a SW developer for high-tech products and/or services
  • Good coding and debugging skills with Python and C/C++
  • You should have successfully completed some Machine Learning / Deep Learning studies for example online courses provided by vendors like Coursera or Udacity
  • You have excellent understanding and knowledge of computer science/software in general and strong problem solving ability
  • Experience with agile software processes, data-driven development, reliability, and disciplined experimentation
  • We think the knowledge acquired earning a degree in Computer Science would be of great value in this position, but if you’re smart and have the experience that backs up your abilities, for us, talent beats degree every time.


  • Experience with ML frameworks such as PyTorch, Caffe2, TensorFlow etc
  • Prior history with industrial data-driven/AI/Machine learning projects
  • You have a strong working understanding of data engineering, statistical analytics and machine learning concepts
  • Good understanding with image/video, audio/sound processing, sensor fusion and familiarity with AI/ML basic concepts and commonly used methods such as CNN, RNN, etc.
  • Prior experience with some big data systems such as Hadoop, Spark, Nifi, Storm, HDFS, NFS, Lustre, Presto, Hive, AWS Redshift, AWS Athena.


The opportunity to be part of a forward-looking and energetic, non-bureaucratic and capable company building killer solutions for our clients. A friendly, fun and diverse workplace where new ideas are valued. Our culture embraces openness, learning, encouragement and having fun.

How to apply

Please submit your application via our recruitment portal For further information about the job or the company, please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Partner Kristian Paloheimo,, or +358405738900.

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Deadline: 30-03-2024

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